Original Mathematics Results 2012

Original Mathematics Initiative was launched in Term II (15 May 2012) at Ingqayizivele Secondary School.   We began with one Grade 8 and one Grade 9 class for approximately one hour and fifteen minutes of instruction after school.

In order to make an intelligent conclusion of our impact upon the learners at Ingqayizivele, we compared the class averages for each term.

The class averages for each term were as follows:


Term  I

Term   II

Term III

Term IV

Grade 8





Grade 9






Based upon my 9 years teaching experience as a mathematics instructor and an HOD I have witnessed higher marks in Terms I and Terms III with learners because these terms have not exams. The students may have as many as two controlled tests (cycle tests) but without an exam, these terms generally reflect inflated marks compared to Terms II and four.

Using the data in the above table, a couple of conclusions are evident for each grade. The Grade 8 learners’ marks improved by 21% when comparing Terms I and Term III. Moreover, their marks improved 135% when comparing Term II and Term IV.

Additionally 70% of the learners passed mathematics for the year.

From the same set of data, it may be concluded that the Grade 9 learners’ marks improved 55% when comparing Term I and Term III. Furthermore, an improvement of 95% is observed when comparing Terms II and Term IV.

The data is listed below in tabular form.                              


Increase Term I and Term III

Increase Term II and Term IV

Grade 8



Grade 9




Additionally 75% of these learners passed mathematics for the year.

There were three students whose marks improved by 60% on average from Term II to Term III and many others who improved by as much as 30% over the same period.

We pray the 2013 academic year will yield better results for our learners at Ingqayizivele as we improve our program. Although 2012 was our first year, we are pleased with the noticeable improvement in the mathematics marks. With an improved effort on the part of all involved with Original Mathematics Initiative, South Africa will be the ultimate winner as we seek to improve the academic skills of each learner through an improved understanding of mathematics.

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