We are an initiative designed to strengthen the economy of South Africa through the development and production of learners/students with an exceptional mathematical acumen; we teach them to be masters and not servants. Additionally, our primary goal is to equip students with additional tools, problem solving techniques, and analytical strategies to foster continuing education and life-long learning; particularly in subjects such as mathematics, physical science, accounting, engineering actuarial science, medicine. Original Mathematics Initiative assists learners of all races, classes, and creeds but was founded to bridge the gap between the politically and economically disenfranchised. Moreover, by bridging this gap, self-esteem, is fostered, self-love is developed and my children flourish.

Original Mathematics Initiative was established in January of 2012 to assist learners with mathematical problem solving and study skills methods, in order to retain mathematical concepts beyond the tests or exams. We specialize in building confidence and self-esteem while guiding our learners to improved results in mathematics. In our observation, learners with improved mathematics results enjoy higher marks (grades) in science and accounting. Mathematics is the mother of all sciences and opens doors for students that might have otherwise remained closed. Mathematics Tuition for GDE, IEB, and Cambribge students is currently offered privately above and beyond the classroom instruction in our after school program. University mathematics students may also find guidance and support as well from private tuition. Additional mathematics courses are offered privately and in the home schooling environment upon request. We specialize in proven mathematical strategies with over 21 years of experience. Currently, we are working with "no fee" schools in Johannesburg to better qualify these learners for mathematics intensive careers. Our results have been noted by the principals and educators, as the students have approached their studies with renewed vigor. Teachers have benefitted from material generated in our program, advanced teaching strategies, and proven methodology that helps youth excel.  We are changing the plight of South Africa, one learner at a time by raising the bar of expectation and improving the work ethic and self-esteem of each student.

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