The Program Model


The Program Model

Original Mathematics Initiative is designed to improve the mathematical aptitude of Senior Phase learners in South African high schools. This program targets Grade 8 and Grade 9 learners, with the idea of eventually spreading to Grade 7 learners.

Three Tembisa schools, have been targeted and approved by the Department of Education (Be noni) and their respective principals. These schools are as follows: Ingqayizivele Secondary, Tembisa High School, and Zitikeni High School. 

The program is run through careful interaction with the GET mathematics educators and principals in each school. Additionally, teach one class of learners per school of Grade 8 and Grade 9 children.

Our goals with these learners are to produce distinction candidates with improved confidence in their mathematical abilities. Moreover, these students are encouraged to serve as peer tutors for students we cannot reach due to the constraints associated with the application of our model. These students are taught skills to not only improve their marks in mathematics but also improve their confidence in their own abilities. 

Our approach immerses learners in problems involving algebra and geometry problems (sums) with an intense workload designed to produce results. These students are required to attend classes at the end of school from 2:15- 3:45 on average.

This initiative enhances school performance and stimulates the mind of the learner. Furthermore, these learners will be challenged (eventually) with mathematical concepts normally reserved for Advanced Programme Mathematics students and university students; eventually.

Minimally, an increased understanding or mathematics has been observed and we predict the marks (grades) will improve.  These students are being groomed to serve as peer tutors for the balance of learners at the various schools and will serve the primary schools (eventually) as our idea becomes a tangible reality in the hearts and minds of our children and community.

To this aim, we are following and ever evolving plan of action which commenced in December of 2011.  Our long term goal is to improve the results of Grade 12 learners by addressing the challenges in the successive grades (where the problems occur) that lead to Matric.

Ultimately, recidivism will be reduced at the university level learners solve problems in a logical context, thus strengthening their ability to cope with Further Education Training and the rigors of life.  

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